DUI - Drunk driving Information

When arrested for a DUI offense or a DUI related offense in any state in the nation it's important to at the very least speak with a DUI lawyer who can provide you with some great legal advice and information free of charge.

In certain circumstances it may make sense to retain a DUI lawyer to defend you from the drunk driving charge and in some instances you may not need to... but at the very least it's imperative that you speak with an honest DUI lawyer to discuss your DUI charge and see if there will be any major benefits to retaining an aggressive lawyer to defend you.  Even if you don't beat the DUI charge there are still some benefits to hiring a DUI lawyer to defend you.  

DUI Lawyers

Here are some of the lesser known benefits to meeting with a DUI lawyer for a free consultation:

  • Lessening your DUI penalties.  When you hire an aggressive, experienced DUI lawyer who is familiar with the local DUI system you'll be putting someone on your side who can ensure that you receive the minimum punishments available to you for your given DUI situation.
  • Enable yourself to expunge the DUI charge in the future.  If handled correctly a DUI lawyer may be able to have your case settled in a manor that enables you to expunge your DUI in the future.  Of course this depends on many circumstances including the state of the offense.

Other than the bullets listed above there are other reasons to seek out a free consultation from a DUI lawyer even if you do not intend to hire one to defend you from your DUI charge.  Some additional reasons are as follows; 

Peace of mind- just by knowing that you are doing everything that the law allows you'll feel better about your situation.  It will make you feel so much better to know that your situation is being handled to the best available outcome.  

Also, another reason is that when you get sentenced you can demonstrate/employ any suggestions that the DUI lawyer told you would make the judge react in a more favorable manor towards you.  Many lawyers in your area will know what the specific judges who are likely to handle your case 'like' to see when they preside over DUI cases.  If you do the things that these judges like to see BEFORE you even go before them, the sentence (punishments) that they hand down to you will be much more favorable to you.

DUI Penalties

DUI penalties greatly vary depending on the state that you're charged with the offense.  Each state has it's own legislature and is allowed to define specific state specific vehicular laws and codes that can also be considered criminal offenses.  DUI offenses in each and every state can be misdemeanor offenses as well as felony offenses.  Most every state  has harsh penalties for DUI offenses and will impose most of all of the following general punishments (again, these are general punishments, you'll need to reference your state's DMV website for the specific vehicle codes and the criminal statutes that apply to you):

  • Driver license suspension.  Most every state will suspend your drivers license (length of suspension varies) for a DUI conviction.
  • Administrative Per Se Driver license suspension.  This is a suspension of your drivers license before you are convicted of the crime.  This is an administrative sanction (different from the criminal charges levied against  you) that goes into effect before you are even convicted.  Yes, just being charged with a DUI offense is enough (with the Per Se law) to have your driving privileges suspended.  See your state's DMV page for more info on your state's specific per se sanctions.
  • DUI school.  Some sort of alcohol education or DUI class is required in most every state throughout the nation.
  • Court fines.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous.  Some states require AA attendance as a court requirement.
  • Victims impact panel.  California DUI offenses require attendance at a MADD presentation that discusses the losses of families of those killed in DUI related vehicular accidents.
  • DMV reinstatement fees.
  • Probation.
  • Community service or jail time or both.
  • Additional DUI punishments.

DUI Summary

Overall, a DUI offense is a big deal.  You'll be affected personally, socially, and professionally.  You'll be forced to deal with the DUI for a number of years as it related to your criminal record, driving record and insurance eligibility.  It just makes sense to do everything possible to prevent yourself from getting the DUI in the first place by 

  • Discussing your case with an aggressive DUI lawyer and seeing what your options are.
  • Doing everything you can to remove the DUI record from your file(s) if you do have the misfortune of getting stuck with the DUI.

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