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The DUI Process Manual & Other Industry Leading Ebooks provides publications relating to DUI law for those arrested and/or convicted of DUI related charges.  The information is researched and updated on a constant basis and provided to assist you in clearing your DUI record, save money on insurance and other costly associated expenses, along with drivers license help.

Our assortment of publications ranges from:

DUI Process Manual

The DUI Process Manual which details the exact steps needed to expunge your DUI record as well as the minimization process for those not eligible for expungement.  It also discusses the extremely expensive and difficult SR-22 DUI insurance that 99% of people who get arrested for DUI are required to maintain (normally for a period of no less than 3 years).  The manual references the very best places to get the cheapest SR-22 policy and in fact shows you how to slash the cost of the SR-22 while still fulfilling your state DMV requirement to maintain the policy.

DMV Flow of Information

The DMV Flow of Information Guide details how the department of motor vehicles tracks your driving record and the exact computer systems that are used.  It teaches you exactly what goes on your record, and how the state's share information between each other.  It also points out the shortcomings of the information sharing process between state motor vehicle offices.  This information will point you in the right direction towards getting your drivers license back fast.

Field Sobriety Test Secrets

Field Sobriety Test Secrets is a comprehensive manual that details each of the field sobriety tests from test design, police training, and proper administration of the tests to a thorough breakdown of each area to focus on to invalidate the tests.  Invalidating these tests is a major step in beating your initial DUI charge.  Without this evidence the case against you is weakened.

DUI Defense Strategies

DUI Defense Strategies covers the top DUI defense strategies that DUI lawyers have in their arsenal of defense tactics and how they might apply to your case. The guide also covers valuable information that you absolutely must know, like time sensitive material that the police have collected on you that must be collected as soon as possible after your arrest before it is lost for ever.

Choose the Right Lawyer
How to Choose the Right Lawyer is a collection of information on the various types of lawyers you could hire and whether or not you should hire them. The guide also gives you a list of very important questions you must ask a lawyer before hiring them to find out if they are qualified to represent you in your defense. There's a lot more to hiring a lawyer than choosing one from the phone book just because their ad looks impressive. Looks can be deceiving, don't make the mistakes most people make when hiring a lawyer.

DUI Publications

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