Our Guarantee - Refund Policy

We take pride in our online classes and stand behind our product. If our class is not accepted by the court, DMV, Probation Officer, or agency where you were convicted that requested that you complete a class, you have 60 days from the date of registration aka "purchase date" to request a refund.

In order to receive a refund you must provide us with written proof from the court or agency stating that our course was not accepted. This document must include the name and phone number of the person who mailed or presented you with the letter of decline so that we may contact them directly to confirm the denial.

$60 will be subtracted from the cost of the class if a refund is issued within the first 60 days. This only applies if we have already sent out your certificate to cover our cost for shipping and processing your certificate. Any refund issued beyond 60 days from the date of purchase up to 180 days will incur a 50% refund charge.

For example if the class you purchased cost $189 the amount of your refund will be $129 if within the first 60 days. The refund amount for the same will be $94.50 if processed beyond 60 days.

Absolutely no refunds will be given after 180 days.

Depending on the circumstances some of these states have allowed offenders to take an online class to meet court requirements. Please get court approval before registering for your required class.

We always recommend getting prior court approval before signing up for one of our classes. Most of our alcohol and drug awareness classes meet court requirements. In the case of a DUI offense, the laws and regulations vary from state to state, so please get that prior authorization before registration.

Although our classes have been accept by courts and agencies in the past we cannot guarantee that these same courts and agencies will accept them in the future. What is perceived as an acceptable class by one person within the court or agency, may not be acceptable to someone else.

All refund requests must be sent to: [email protected] please include your complete information including: name, phone number, address, email, and court case number. You must include a signed Court, DMV, or Parole Officer copy of the refusal to accept letter. No refund will be issued just because you didn't like the course, that is not an acceptable reason.

Please insert "Refund request" in the Subject line.

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