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Wyoming Statute 31-9-401 requires that proof of financial responsibility be required for a DUI offense. An SR22 insurance certificate satisfies this requirement. An SR22 is a form that your insurance company files with the Wyoming Department of Transportation. It proves to the DOT that a driver has insurance in at least the following amounts:

$25,000 for injury or death of one person 
$50,000 for injury or death of two or more people
$20,000 for damage to someone else’s property

A DUI offender must carry Wyoming SR22 insurance for a period of three years. If an SR22 policy is canceled at any time during these three years, an insurance company is required by law to notify the DOT. This may result in a driver’s license being suspended.

SR22 insurance is considered high-risk insurance and the rates can be expensive. Still, some companies do offer competitive rates. You can find some of those Wyoming insurance companies here:

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Wyoming’s Ignition Interlock Program:

An ignition interlock device is a small instrument that is wired to a vehicle’s ignition. It prevents someone who has been drinking from starting the vehicle by asking the driver to blow into the mouthpiece of the device. If the breath sample proves sobriety, then the vehicle will start normally.

Programs all across the country have shown to help prevent offenders from subsequent DUIs. The interlock device records any failed tests, any refusals to submit to a test, and any attempts made to tamper with the device. All of this data can be downloaded and given to the authorities.

If you are convicted of any of the following offenses, you will be required to install an ignition interlock device in any vehicle you drive:

DUI with BAC of 0.15 or higher – 6 month requirement
Second DUI – 1 year requirement
Third DUI – 2 year requirement
Fourth or subsequent DUI – Lifetime requirement

Interlock rates can differ from company to company, but on average, it costs about $100 per month to drive with an ignition interlock device. Here are the companies that are approved to provide ignition interlock service in Wyoming:

1A Smart Start Inc. 800-880-3394
B.E.S.T. Labs Inc. 877-237-1541
CST Inc. 877-777-5020
Draeger 307-220-8255
National Interlock Service Ltd. 888-647-9923
Wyoming Breath Tech LLC 888-Blow-N-Go

For More Information:

For more information about Wyoming’s DUI process, visit our Wyoming DUI laws page.

You can also contact the Wyoming DOT directly at 307-777-4810 or 307-777-4800 or via their online contact form

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