Question: Is there a difference between a “DUI Class” and a “Alcohol Awareness Class”?

Answer: Yes there is. A “DUI Class” is for those people who were arrested for driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. An “Alcohol Awareness Class” is for people who were arrested on any alcohol related charge other than DUI/DWI, for example: someone who was arrested on a “Public Intoxication” charge may be ordered by the court to complete an “Alcohol Awareness Class”.

Question: Should I wait until the court has convicted me before I sign up for your class?

Answer: NO! Do not wait. If you were arrested on a DUI or other alcohol related charge you need to take a proactive approach and get signed up for and complete the class that the court is going to require you to take before you are sentenced. This approach will be looked upon favorably by the court and can result in a reduction in charges.

Question: How do these online classes work?

Answer: The first step is for you to register for the class you need. Then pay for the class. Then login to the members area. Then take the class and complete each quiz at the end of the lesson. Finally take the final exam at the end of the class and receive your certificate of completion.

Question: How do you know if I completed the class?

Answer: We will monitor your progress along the way and be grading your test results and of course grading your final test.

Question: Can I go at my own pace or is the class timed?

Answer: You may complete the class at your own pace. The class is not timed and you are free to login and out as you need to.

Question: How do I get my certificate of completion?

Answer: Once you have completed your final test and have at least a 70% passing grade we will mail your certificate via USPS Priority Mail.

Question: How do I know if your class is accepted in my state?

Answer: Our classes are accepted in many states. To find out whether or not our class is accepted in your state, please view the particular state you are interested in and it will tell you whether or not the class will be accepted and if it is accepted for both residents and non-residents, or just non-residents.

Question: I’m a non-resident of the state where I was arrested, how do I ask them if I can take this class?

Answer: What you need to do is ask the court or agency that is requiring you to complete the class if they will accept our class. If the court or agency needs further details on our class to make a decision, just let us know and we can email you the course outline.

Question: Do I have to complete the class all at once?

Answer: No, you are free to complete the class at your own pace. You can do it in 1 session, 2 sessions, or 10 sessions, it is entirely up to you.

Question: Do you offer support if I have questions?

Answer: Yes, if you have questions during the class lessons that you need answered you may contact us at

Question: Are your classes guaranteed?

Answer: Yes, our classes are guaranteed, please review our guarantee page for complete details.