Bail Bond Agents By State

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The Bail Process – How it Works

When it comes to a DUI arrest, not all arrested are created equal. What we mean by that in a lot of cases the person arrested for DUI will be release on his or her on recognizance. There are of course those arrested where the person is placed in jail and must post bail in order to be released from jail. If the person cannot post bail they must sit in jail until their court date.

The process of making bail is fairly straight forward. First you need to contact a family member or friend to contact a bail bond agent to bail you out of jail, or you can contact a bail bond agent directly from jail if that information is available to you. Second you will need to have certain information ready to give the bail bondsman, the person’s full name, jail they are in, booking number, and the charges. The bail agent is going to charge a fee for his or her service, which is typically 10 – 15% of the bail amount. For example if your bail has been set at $5,000 the fee for the bail agent will be $750 at 10%.

Bail Bond Agents By State

The Jail Release Process

Once the fee has been paid to the bail bond agent, the bond will be posted and the person in jail will be released. The release process can be fairly quick or it can take several hours in a larger jail like you would find in a metro area. Most bail agents are going to want to see the def en dent every week, you could say that the bail agent is acting as a probation officer. They do this to ensure that you will show up to your court appearance and not take flight.