Missouri SR22 Insurance Filing Information

Missouri SR22 Information & Filings

If you are convicted of a DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) in the State of Missouri, your driving privilege will be suspended. In order to get your license back at the end of your suspension, you must do the following five things:

 Purchase Missouri SR22 insurance. You can get an SR22 filing through your auto insurance company.
 Complete a Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program (SATOP). If you have questions regarding this program, call the Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse at 573-522-4020 or visit their website.
 Pay the $45 reinstatement fee. You can pay by telephone with a major credit card, or you can mail a cashier’s check, money order, or personal check made out to Missouri Department of Revenue to: Missouri Driver License Bureau, 301 W. High St. Rm. 470, P.O. Box 200, Jefferson City, MO 65105-0200. Make sure your check includes your name, address, driver’s license number, and date of birth.
 (after subsequent offenses) Install an ignition interlock device (IID) in the vehicle(s) you will drive.
 (after license revocations of one year or more) Pass the driver examination.

Purchasing Missouri SR22 Insurance:

SR22 insurance is proof of financial responsibility. It proves to the world that you are fully insured. You can see a sample SR22 form here.

You must carry SR22 insurance for a period of two years from the date that your suspension began. (If you fail to carry SR22 insurance, or your policy is allowed to lapse, your license will be re-suspended.)

SR22 insurance can be expensive, and because you will need to carry it for two years, you will want to make sure you are getting the best rate possible. You can compare rates here:

Missouri’s Ignition Interlock Device Program:

A breath alcohol ignition interlock device (BAIID or IID) is a small electronic device that is connected to your ignition. Before a driver can start an IID-equipped vehicle, he or she will need to provide a breath sample by exhaling into the device. For this reason, an IID is sometimes called a “blow-and-go.”

The IID must be maintained for at least six months from your reinstatement date. Drivers are required to report to their vendors for monthly maintenance appointments. There are costs associated with the ignition interlock program. You will need to pay for the installation of the IID, as well as for the monthly check-ups. There may also be a removal fee. If you do not comply with the ignition interlock program requirements, your driver’s license will be re-suspended.

The IID must be approved by the Missouri Department of Transportation. Click here for a list of Missouri approved IID vendors.

For More Information:

For more information about Missouri’s DWI / DUI consequences, visit our Missouri DWI laws page.

You can also email your questions to the Missouri Department of Revenue atquestions@dor.mo.gov. Remember not to include any sensitive information in your email(s).

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