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Welcome to Our 100% Online Court Classes

Our Court Classes

We not only offer DUI and DWI classes, but as a full service counseling company we offer a wide array of court classes that you may need. Each of our classes are 100% online just like our DUI classes. If you have any questions about our classes don’t hesitate to call or email us.

Online DUI & DWI Classes

If you have already done your due-diligence and have determined that you can indeed take an online DUI class to satisfy your class requirement, you can just click on the button for the number of hours of class you need to take to register for that class.

If you are not 100% certain that you can take your class online and how many hours of education you need to complete we suggest that you view our online DUI classes by state and view your state and/or the state where the DUI happened to make sure an online class is acceptable before you register. Just because these classes are offered online does not mean you can take one to satisfy your requirement.

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California "Non-Resident" DUI Classes

The DUI classes listed in this section are only for Non-Residents of California meaning if you got a DUI in California and you live in another state these are the classes you need to satisfy the state of California.

Please note that if you live in the state of California and got a DUI in California you must take a local DUI class where you live. You cannot take the required class online.

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Alcohol Awareness Classes

Please note if you received a drunk driving charge these classes are not for you. You must take one of the DUI classes listed above to satisfy the courts. An alcohol awareness class is for individuals who were charged with an offense such as drunk and disorderly.

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Anger Management Classes

Our online anger management classes are a great solution for court, legal, business or self-improvement versus taking a local class where you live. We offer our anger management classes from as little as 4 hours in length up to 52 hours in length.

Our anger management classes are superior to any other classes that are offered online. Just like our other classes they have been created by professional counselors with years of experience.

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Domestic Violence Classes

If the court or agency requiring you take a domestic violence class or battery intervention class has approved you to take an online version of the class  we offer our DV classes from 8 hours in length up 52 hours.

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Parenting Classes

Our online Parenting classes are available in lengths from as little as 2 hours up 26 hours in length to meet most peoples requirements. Just like all of our classes our parenting classes are available online 24/7 to fit your schedule.

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Shoplifting Classes

Whether you need to take a shoplifting or theft class, our classes are designed to satisfy both whether it is required for the courts or any other agency. We always recommend that you check with the courts or agency to make sure you can take your class through an online environment before registering.

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