Sr22 Insurance & Filings

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What is an SR22 Filing?

SR22 insurance is required for drivers convicted of a drunk driving or DUI offense. SR22 auto insurance can be best described as a type of high risk auto insurance policy that is issued by an insurance company that guarantees the state DMV that the named policy holder has the minimum insurance coverage required of the state, this is done through the SR22 insurance filing that the insurance company files on your behalf. The DMV will not reinstate your drivers license without an SR22 if you are required to maintain one and in most cases you’re required to keep an SR22 on file for a minimum of three 3 years from the date your driving privileges were restored.

The SR22 insurance filing is basically just a form, (form SR22) that they fill out and send in to the DMV. It can filed electronically in most states to expedite getting your drivers license restored and you back on the roads.

SR22 Filings and Insurance By State

SR22 Insurance Quotes

If you are required to carry an SR22 auto insurance policy you’ll likely find the process of getting one a little confusing. There are a lot of insurance companies out there who prey on people in this situation because they know that they are confused and have a lot of other ‘worries’ on their mind. Here’s some guidance to follow when selecting or shopping for an SR22 insurance policy;

Commercial CDL and SR22 Insurance

We often get asked by people with a commercial driver’s license or CDL if they can get an SR22 filing that will cover their semi-truck so they can drive and earn a living. The unfortunate thing is that an SR22 filing is only issued for someone to drive their personal vehicle while they are required to carry their SR22 insurance filing.